High Tide Aquatics

Article series: the how, why, and whether-I-should of quarantine

Being focused on the price for a fish seems to be ridiculous for those who have invested a ton of money in their tanks.

But not everyone has and for them, it is not clear why a fish cost twice as much there vs somewhere else. Like most of this hobby, it is about knowledge and experience. The majority does not have either if I might make this provocative statement.

And others do their own quarantine - I have done it once, it was successful, but far too time consuming. Certainly not worth the effort for me.

And then there is Paul Baldassano who believes proper feeding will cure anything, and that quarantine reduces the live expectancy of the fish.

I tend to think Paul is mostly correct - nutrition and environment are incredibly important, and QT can be very hard on fish. I also think most people can't possibly replicate the biome/microfauna of a 50 year old tank, or put the amount of effort he does into fish nutrition. So QT still just makes the most sense in many situations. Something I also am willing to pay for but don't want to do myself!