BAR Regional Frag Swap - March 9th @ Chabot College

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by lattehiatus, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    cool cool, so i can expect to be done around 3 ish?
  2. maksimsf

    maksimsf Guest

    Oh snap! I just fraged greet tip tabling acro, I hope it'll heal withing 2 weeks. Otherwise I'll go to lfs and buy a couple of frags.
  3. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I think that's reasonable depending upon the number of people & number of corals that show up. In the past there have been members that brought in 50+ frags, there have been other times when people brought exactly 3, so depending upon how many frags come will dictate the time frame. If you're happy with a few choice ones and that's it, then you could get out of there way earlier too, many times I'll get 3 or so then see nothing I really want so don't pick anymore although I usually stick around since I'm helping out, but those times I could get out in an hour easily. Also depends if you want to stick around for the raffle, sometimes they throw up raffle numbers on the screen while the picking is going forth, sometimes they just wait until the end.
  4. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    So far Im bringing a orange cap and a red acan frag (10 heads ). More to come
  5. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Id like to grab a frag from ya of the purple acro
  6. maksimsf

    maksimsf Guest

    I'll have 1 reserved for you. PM me so we can find each other.

    edit: never mind, you are in BOD I guess its not going to be a problem to find you :)
  7. Hi Guys,

    This newbie is a bit confused. This Frag swap will be on March 9th, but i just got a reminder email for a Frag swap that's happening tomorrow. Obviously these are 2 different meets correct? Are they any different?

  8. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    BAR's fragswap is March 9th (2nd saturday of the month)

    I believe tomorrow is a frag swap at Diablo corals, while they are a sponsor of the club (I believe) the event is not held by the club.
  9. I also got the same email, it was sent by our friends at Northern Valley Reefers. As Mike suspected, it was a notification for our sponsor Diablo Coral's frag swap tomorrow.

    Lots of swapping going on!
  10. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    I wish I could make that one. Im sure there will be some cool stuff at Diablo
  11. Paladin

    Paladin Guest

    What's typically at the newbie table?
  12. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    newbies, us more experienced reefers can pick one up if we want where we'll train them in the ways of being a reefkeeper by making them a slave to do all the work we don't want to do, much in the ways of medieval knights who took on paiges or colleges who take on grad students.
  13. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    You were supposed to wait till they were all gathered around the table before spilling the beans! Now there won't be enough to go around.
  14. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    It's usually the items on the do not bring list. Shrooms, GSP, brown polyps. Sometimes you will see macro algae and a few other things that might not be on the list.
  15. $15 - Member of an eligible reef club (CRC, CVR, NVR, MARS, & WCR)

    Does FRAG (Fresno Reef Aquarium Group)( qualify as an eligible reef club we have over 200 active members and I'm sure many would love to make the road trip. We also have had a thread created for BAR to post these type events in since our beginning late last year.
  16. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Please contact lattehiatus regarding your question if you have not already done so. Thanks! :)
  17. I feel kind of silly but I can not figure out how to send a PM
  18. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Don't feel silly, as a non-member you can't send a PM, I'll send him a PM and point him at this thread for you though
  19. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    You are good to go. :)
  20. woo, I haven't been to a frag swap in about 4 years at the spot in hayward, I'm excited. I got some shrooms and zoa's to bring, going to try to bring some more. Maybe Dudley will have some frags from my old tank (phong's old tank). Now I got a 160 :)

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