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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by revnull, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Best fishes and happy reefing
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  2. jonmos75

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    Tank setup looks good it was good reconnecting with you again.
  3. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Hi Jon, thanks! It's been a while since my last update. A few things have changed a little plumbing-wise. I'll try to post updated pics later.

    After a few winters and a summer under my belt, I'm considering downsizing my tank to something that will fit in my house. The large temperature swings in the garage are wreaking havoc on my electric bill. I've been eyeing the marineland 60gal (24" x 24" x 24") rimless cube with corner overflow or it's little brother, the 45gal (24" x 24" x 18") with no overflow.
  4. revnull

    revnull Guest

    For those still interested, here is a more up to date picture of my pumping (pics are still a couple of months old).

    I found that combining the drain lines into 1 just before the filter sock was causing the right overflow box to back up and surge. I fixed this by splitting them up. The right overflow still drains slightly slower do to the extra pipe length, but its not a deal breaker.

    I also replaced my chaeto tumbler hose coil with a 1/2" down tube that connects to a "T" fitting and then 2 x 90 degree hose barbs. This allowed me to direct the water flow from the front of the basket to the back creating a very nice circular flow. You can see a video of it in action here:

    This last pic is filed under "lessons learned". Despite advise from other reefers that used Rubbermaid stock tanks, I re-used the stock drain plug. I thought I did my due diligence. I tested things at pressure for a few days, no leaks. And to be fair, it lasted several months before this happened.
    I'm not entirely sure how a bulkhead splits like that. It started as a slow drip, then a puddle. Next thing you know, my RO topoff container was empty and my salinity was low. I ended up draining my sump and replacing the crap stock bulkhead with a proper sch80 of similar size. A couple of days later, everything was back in service.
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  5. Enderturtle

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    Wow interesting sump design. Sucks about the bulkhead. That'll happen over time. Good move on the schedule 80 upgrade.

    I'm thinking about adding filter socks. How often do you have to change yours?
  6. revnull

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    It really depends on the quantity of solid objects (food, algae, snails) running down the drain and the overall size of the sock. My larger sock will last 1-2 weeks before clogging and overflowing. If I was more responsible, I would change them out once a week.
    In my opinion, they are great mechanical filtration. They keep the bottom of my sump relatively clean and are not that difficult to maintain. Just treat them like socks for your feet. Buy enough to last a while between washing and change them when they start getting "funky". :)
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  7. jonmos75

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    Yep I agree I change out my 200 micron filter socks once a week and I own 5 Socks....
    1 Sock in the tank, and I swap them out weekly and then store them in a plastic tub until I get 4 dirty socks and then I put them in the wash machine on the Gentile Cycle by themselves, no chemicals, I first turn the socks inside out and wash them, and then turn them back right side and run them again in the wash machine and then I air dry them and start the monthly procedure.
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  8. aqua-nut

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    Sorry to say that cracked BH is caused by over tightening the white PVC fitting. It should be finger tight + 1-2 turns.


  9. revnull

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    Thanks for the laughs. Time to shut it down.

    I've learned 2 things in the past 10 years of reef keeping.
    1. I love the building/plumbing/automation part of the hobby.
    2. I'm absolutely horrible at the maintenance if my tank(s).
    The never ending battle against various nuance allege, vermetid snails, cyanobacteria, and aptatia has finally come to a head. I think my tank and livestock should be in better hands than my own.

    I'm selling it ALL. I've never been in the position to sell off something this intricate. I assume I will need to sell the living things first, fish, inverts, rock, sand.... Then I can break down the rest. If anyone is interested and willing to travel to the deep south bay, send me a PM.

    I'll post in the for sale forum with links to pics as well.
  10. jonmos75

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    I'm sorry to hear this, but completely understand your reasoning...

    Let me know if I can help...I will do what I can to help...

    I will chat with you later about some of your equipment if you don't mind.
  11. anathema

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    I just ordered some fence feeders based on your thread on RC.

    Sorry to hear you aren't having fun. The maintenance can sure be a killer in this hobby.

    I might be interested in buying those fence feeders! :D
  12. Coral reefer

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    Fence feeders?
  13. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    here is a link to the post
  14. T.louderback

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    Bummer you are taking down, it was a very interesting build
  15. Joey Chen

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    so sad.......miss this tank build
  16. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Now that my BC29 is setup and almost all my livestock is moved over, it's time to start selling things off.

    First things first. Anyone want to take the whole thing off my hands? Everything in this thread (minus the apex) and a BUNCH of extras for $1k.


  17. revnull

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  18. revnull

    revnull Guest

    Rock pulled, sand siphoned, time to drain and clean.

    Tank decoupled from the sump.

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