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bondolo's defunct tanks

The 92 Gallon tank and stand are now downstairs in the garage. I am increasing the price to $250 on November 1st as a result. I will also deliver it to your driveway anywhere within an hour of Berkeley for $100.
Continuing to sell items and drop prices. Adds a few additional items.

I don't seem to get notifications for DMs so please text me at 510 918 5720 if you wish a timely response.
  • 92 gallon quarter round corner tank and wood stand - $250
    • radius is 34.25" and height is 25.25"
    • stand is 35.5" radius and 31.25" height (needs to be disassembled to moved)
    • pictures in thread
    • Will deliver (to driveway) anywhere within an hour of Berkeley for $100
  • Reef Octopus Diablo 200INT skimmer with recent Vectra 4S DC pump - $125
  • Instant Ocean Reef Crystals unopened 200G box - FREE - several years old and hardened
  • Reef Angel controller with AC box and several accessories- $30
  • Ehiem return pump 900GPH - $25
  • Ehiem return pump 500GPH - $15
  • Refractometer ATC - $10 with bonus calibration fluid
  • 2x Marinpure ceramic 8x8x1 NO3 blocks - $10 Dry and will need cleaning before use.
  • 26 element RapidLED fixture with 3 Meanwell PWM inverters - $30 Lights are configured for deeper (22-28") tank
  • 16 element RapidLED 24" strip with two Meanwell PWM inverters - $25 Lights are configured for shallow frag tank. Nice redwood "cover"
  • 2 element RapidLED "moonlight" Blue LED - $10
  • 250W Metal Halide Pacific Sun electronic ballast - $20 - Free DE fixture and old lamps if you want them
  • 150W Metal Halide magnetic ballast - Free - Free DE fixture and old lamps if you want them (same set as above)
  • Milwaukee MA957 CO2 Regulator - $15 - low pressure gauge broken (aren't they all?)
  • ~40lb dead rock in a 33G Brute bucket with lid - $15 with container
  • 3x 1.6ml/Minute peristaltic Drews/BRS doser pumps along with extra peristaltic tubing, lube and 3 part stuff - $50 for all 3 and the extras
  • 4x 24" T5 HO Aquatic Life fixture with built-in digital clock timer - $50
  • 2'x4'x2' 80G Acrylic partitioned Sump - This thing is a much altered relic but solid. - FREE
  • Reef tools collection; tongs, spudger, forceps - $10
  • Chemicals and test kits - FREE
  • Hanna Checker Phosphate and Calcium colorometer testers - $5
  • Plastic deli cups and lids (new) - FREE with $10 purchase
Last weekend I finally sold the last two items of my equipment, the tank and T5 lights. I'm officially completely out of the hobby. I was recently at someone's house who had a 40G AIO and I have to admit I was envious. I really enjoyed my tanks over the years and if it wasn't for my still-moving-to-hawaii plans I would wish I still had tanks.

Instead, I am going to ask @Kensington Reefer why he doesn't ask me to watch his tanks when he travels anymore. :p
@bondolo When are you moving to Hawaii? Are you moving there for work or are your going there for your retirement?
Best of luck to you!
I was working for a Hawaii company when I started the moving plan in 2017 but it looks like I will be retired before we actually move, probably in 2025. I took down my tanks in January 2020 expecting to move but the pandemic and job changes have slowed our move.