Check out this build I am working on...

Dead serious. The client has two dogs, and some cats in the house so they always need to have a bowl of water for them. This is one is a little fancy because it has a water line connected to it. They did that only recently when they opened up the wall to install the support for the cantilevered shelf.
Is that water line connected to their RODI system as well so their pets get filtered water?
The view is gorgeous from that place! I’m a little surprised they didn’t go with a more decorative fixture, maybe even small fountain, for the pets to drink from.
Yeah, something classy like the fountain in Brussels



Yeah, something classy like the fountain in Brussels
So funny, I've seen this in Brussels - I'm pretty sure it's listed as one of the worst tourist attractions in world. Would make a great pet drinking fountain though!
But it is right around the corner from some amazing chocolate shops.
There’s so many fish in there it sorta looks like @H2OPlayar tank and he feeds heavily. What are you feeding this tank @robert4025?
Between the two skimmers and 25 gallons of Marine Pure ceramic balls and a Rowaphos reactor, there wasn’t enough leftovers organic to produce noticeable trace of PO4 and Nitrate so we had to feed lots and lots of frozen.
Wow, 50% stocked???
It looks pretty full to me. As soon as everything grows out, won't it be packed too full?

Tank looks great, congratulations Robert.

LOL…yeah, it looks full because there’s a lot of big corals in it since it’s double sided view. The more interesting pieces that still needs to go in are the more unique small frags. Personally, I feel those frags are more exciting to look at. There’s also will be clams (maybe 3-4), gorgs, and NPS stuff. Very exciting and fun part!

Oh and as a true reefer would say…”There’s always more room”! LOL
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