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How does the deflection get calculated?
What are the steel studs in the wall anchored to?

The deflection was calculated based on the known weight of the tank, substrate, saltwater, rocks and etc. All that weight has to be transferred to the two steel beams hidden in the wall, that was bolted to the ceiling and floor joists. The floor joist also had to be reinforced with horizontal steel beam as well. All the calculations was done by structural engineer since that was just too much math for me.


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I wonder if the owner is an experienced reefer and will do all the maintainance by himself.
Or will he pay someone to do all the work?


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I hope you’ve told the owner there’s an ugly tank phase…
Not if you buy out all the rock from 30 other people's systems! Although there is likely enough surface area on the plumbing alone to need a cycle. Start curing your 1/2 ton of rock now ;)