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Awesome to have Kessil on board as a BAR sponsor.

I'm excited to announce them as an event sponsor of BAYMAC!!!
Awesome. Tank was made local and now same with the lighting!!
So essited! I can't wait to see Kessil lighting in person. (6th ave still doesn't have it on display.) I keep missing their contests on their FB page! >_>
Dunno if any of you remember but one of the first LED products on the market was an underwater LED system. They claimed it would cure fish diseases and all kinds of other stuff. I sure wish I kept the packaging, it was unreal what they claimed.

I am really digging the Kessil units. Great form factor with an even better performance.
I consider mine an indispensible part of my system. Again I'm using ONE for supplemental on my 80 but it is quite nice.
Agree with Gresham on the form factor that is the primary number one reason I jumped on it. Looking forward to seeing the BAR frag tank to assess the look with a few of them hanging!