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Coral Banded Shrimp- Please take it (Fairfield)


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Back on April 25 I got a coral banded shrimp from Neptune in attempt to curb the amount of bristleworms I have. I know the worms are generally good (although I am pretty sure I recently ID'd a fireworm that was unseen before) but I just wanted less of them so I figured it would be an excuse to get a new critter. Well, in the time since I have had said shrimp, one of my large turbo snail shells was found with no remaining snail inside, much of the new CUC I bought (after having the shrimp) consisting of small snails didn't last long, 3 new tuxedo urchins in that same purchase lasted a day or two and today was the final straw when I found my original tuxedo had been eaten. I liked that urchin. :( Clearly, this shrimp doesn't like the bristleworms but loves my urchins. It has molted once since I got it.


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