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Database: How to Frag Corals

This database will contain links to threads, showing how to propagate the different types of corals.

  • In the past couple years of this club's existence there have been a number of people who have been awesome enough to make threads with pictures and teach people how to propagate corals.
  • One thing you have to learn is that there are different corals and they need to be fragged differently. Some corals simply cannot be fragged because fragging would surely kill them. Some corals can only be fragged with the appropriate tools. Some corals look really stupid for a long time after fragging them (scolymias).
Coral Sensitivity
  • Certain corals are more sensitive to fragging than others coral species and may end up dying afterwards.
    • Example: The connected base of Wall Hammers have a much lower survival rate from fragging than branching hammers.
  • Certain strains of corals are more sensitive to fragging.
    • Example: Some zoas can take a beating. You can rip them in half, superglue them shut, forget to take them out of cold coral dips, and they'll still survive. Some of the more expensive/colorful newly released zoas, won't survive a "clean cut" by the most experienced zoa propagators. Sometimes you might frag a single polyp off of a mini zoa colony, and the rest of the colony will melt.

DANGER: Zoas and Palys can Kill You
  • Those seemingly innocent zoanthids and palythoas in your tank can kill you.
  • Zoas and palys possess palytoxin, a chemical that is dangerous to humans.
  • When disturbed they can actually squirt this palytoxin.
  • Examples
  • Wear eye protection when fragging zoas.
  • Make sure you do not have open wounds or an open mouth when fragging zoas.

Coral Propagation Links

Bubble-tipped Anemone Fragging - by Eight
Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone Fragging - by Sfork on page 2
Scolymia Fragging - by Iani
Ricordea Florida Fragging - by Lance from thereeftank
Ricordea Yuma Fragging - by Gastone from WAMAS
Acropora Fragging - by FragOutpost
Candy Cane Fragging by FragOutpost

My plan for this is to have a database to teach people what can be fragged and how to do it effectively.

So if you're planning on fragging something new, take some pictures and make a thread. Your instructions/pictures may be better than the ones I have listed. We'll add it here....if the coral survives :).
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Place holder.

The following tools are essential to coral fragging/propagation.

Razor Blade/Scapel
SE blade.jpg

  • Good
    • Cheap and will cut soft corals great.
  • Bad
    • Useless for stony corals.
Coral Cutters/Bone Cutters

  • Good
    • Small tool easily stored away unlike a big bandsaw
    • Works for stony corals and for cutting zoas off of rocks. (I like to make sure my zoas are still attached to a little piece of the rock when I break them off)
  • Bad
    • You do not have much control over how the coral will break. A bandsaw will give you a clean cut where you want it.

  • Good
    • Small powered saw tool with versatility.
    • A number of dremel bits can be attached.
  • Bad
    • Blade is kinda thick and does not cut as fast as a bandsaw.
Diamond Bandsaw

  • Good
    • Will cut stony corals and rock easily, giving you a clean cut.
  • Bad
    • Large equipment takes up space.
    • Can only cut what you can fit between the cutting board and the top of the blade.
    • Do not use the bandsaw to cut soft materials like PVC and plastic.
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Very cool thread. I'll try and put something together to add when I get around to trimming my chalices that my tangs and goby beat on to get them growing on that side again.

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