DBTC: ARC Fireworks


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I just added ARC Fireworks to DBTC.

There are 1 frag(s) available right now.

Second reserved for @Plankton

Rules (stolen from Jhuynh with some modifications):
1. At least two frags from this should be offered through DBTC before you do whatever else you want with your extra frags.
2. People who have offered frags on this thread get first dibs on next frags (should something happen to theirs).
3. IMPORTANT - Must have a tank journal and reasonable SUCCESS KEEPING SPS
4. Whoever is interested please put your name down or PM me, I will pick who will will get a frag - using BarCode doesn't guarantee you a frag, but gives me an idea that you are interested.
5. Must have no anemones in your tank (exceptions can be made).
6. BOD members are exempt from my rules, we can talk if any interest.
7. If anyone sells their piece before completing their chain, I will revoke and stop any future DTBC and close out currently ones I have open.
8. Current contributing DBTC'ers will have priority in joining my chain.


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How long did your firework take to grow to the point you have it at now. Mine is a slow grower.