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DBTC: DragonTamer Torch


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Coral description
Dragon Tamer Torch
Coral light, flow, and difficulty
Medium lighting
Dragon Tamer DBTC
One of my favorites that been in my tank for awhile and splits a lot. I want to share with the group.

Standard DBTC rules
Need to journal once in a while.

  1. Must have been a supporting active BAR member for 6 months (180 days)
  2. At least two frags of equal or greater size must be offered before doing what you wish with everything after that
  3. Corollary to the above: if someone sells a frag before completing their links in the chain, I will shut this one down
  4. Must have an established tank journal with demonstrated success keeping torches
  5. If something happens to one of ours, we’ll go next in line for a replacement
  6. This will not be first come, first served. BARcode is to let me know you're interested.

Currently have one frag splitting into 3-4 heads. Already decided to give to @IOnceWasLegend .
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@Danhsj made a journal update.

Wow! Nice offering. I would love to grow this out and share it with the club!
It's very generous of you to do this Danh.