DBTC: Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone

Standard rules apply. Please pass at least two frags to other members actively participating in DBTC before doing else with them. If your tank is not currently in a good state, please refrain from requesting at this time. Please also update if yours dies or you pass it along to someone. Occasional updates and/or pictures would be cool. Play nice! My original maxi mini came from @coral4me.



Tracking tree
|> @Srt4eric (Rcv 9/3/20 - Sts Growing)
|>>@Beanj (Rcv 12/20/20 - Sts Growing)
|>>@popper (Rcv 12/20/20 - Sts Growing)
|> @Natefank (Rcv 9/3/20 - Sts Growing)
|> @popper (Rcv 9/3/20 - Sts Lost)
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Randy. You hook me up before. Can I get one? My tank has 6 anemone and probably 20 Zoas. I never sell any coral and only plan to dbtc.