High Tide Aquatics

DBTC- Nirvana zoas


Coral description
Nirvana zoanthid
Coral light, flow, and difficulty
Does well with wide range of light. Low to medium flow. Easy difficulty.
One of my favorite zoas, relatively large with interesting variability in coloration depending light etc.

I have 3+ frags ready to go. Standard rules Mike posted, plus please update here (or upcoming tracker) when you give frags or if yours dies; also if I or someone else who has completed their chain here needs one later we would be next in line. No major pests to report. Pickup in Walnut Creek.

Thank you @JVU. Here is a photo in their new home. Looks like someone may have taken a bite from it already. I moved it in among my other zoas to provide it a bit of camouflage. Hopefully it will be OK.