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DBTC Purple hornets


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This zoa originally came from @NelsonCh , but i can't find his original DBTC thread, but starting a new one instead.

so far i have 4 frags ready to pass down and most DBTC rules applies to this as well
please have a tank journal, have done DBTC in the past, and can keep zoas alive in your tank.

do not sale or part it out with a tank for sale, let's keep this in the club.

This zoa does great in mid - high flow and 200-180 par light ( Kessil ap9x )


1. @Alexx
2. @evannn
3. @thesassyindian
4. @Purgo25
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Quick question - do single polyps of zoas replicate?
I remember reading somewhere that non singular polyps have a higher chance of replicating.
Can someone who is more experienced educate me on this?


I'd like 1 if @MarAquatic can grab it for me as well, when he gets his, if he will get one. He will come to SF on Sunday this week. If not I guess I'll not get one :)


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Please pm me if you are actually coming to pick this up. And no I don’t have any pikachu frag.

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