DBTC: WWC Rose nebula


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Accidentally found out that the un-named zoa i have in my tank is actually a WWC zoa. and until i get a band saw and get some frag cured. I will hand out the DBTC on first come first served base.

so typical rules apply like others ( lazy to copy in the rules )

Coral Info: Moderate Light Levels
Low to Moderate Flow

I'm located in San Pablo.

You must post in this thread if interested.


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So I had a bleach few months ago from various tank upgrades and I thought I was going to lost them

But they’ve made a strong come back.


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Nice comeback!
I just spotted a blasto growing back on the skeleton next to the surviving one.
Corals and their amazing ways!


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I have one 2 polyp frag ready to go into the chain. Mine do t have as vibrant colors as Ashburn2k’s though. Pic later.


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Has your tank matured enough and have you had success with zoas? Forgive my ignorance...I’m still fairly new to the club.
No problem.. yes.. I have a 90g with zoas, lps and some sps.
Will you attend the frag swap tomorrow?

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Yup. I can bring it for you. Hopefully it colors up better for you. For some reason these are dull in my tank