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I always enjoyed water and nature - sea, lakes,rivers. Being a fisherman, a diver and just loving water I always appreciated it's beauty but never had a thought of having fish tank before I step at Aqua Forest Aquarium in SF. That was love from the first sight - aquascaping! I tried it first in freshwater tank and after several years of experiments I got to a point that I kinda liked but it was so short lived and unstable that I calmed down a little and sold it to fund my first reef tank.
Here is picture of my planted high-tech tank in it's glory:

Due to limited space in the garage and the house my intent was to have a tank of a size where I can do a 5gal at time water change without having to store or carry extra water to the second story - around 50 gal. In addition, being gardner/aquascaper I'm quite paranoid on having matching colors, lack of eye-sore equipment etc. So the choice was made towards white Red Sea Reefer 170 with white NanoBox light, dry start with BRS rocks. My first attempt failed - I tried to keep very basic LPS,SPS corals for about year and a half but couldn't get rid of ugly algae ( I thought it's cyano but it was dino) and zillions of small vermetid snails. So I decided to re-do tank completely and that's where the current tank came from.

The tank

Tank started with RealReef Rock scaped by Jester6. Light is AI Hydra 26 with custom diffuser. Two-part dosing (Aqua Medic Reefdoser Evo) with custom-built dosing containers, Skimz SN123 skimmer, built-in top-off. Eheim Compact 3000 flow pump.
2xmp10 wireless pumps, 1 Jebao DP4.

I feed dry pellets twice a day via DIY auto-feeder and frozen food couple 3-4 times a week. Also adding ROE and Oyster Feast several times a week.
Usual params:
ALK: 8.5
CA: 400-420
PO4: 0.02
NO3: 2-5



More pictures - here is equipment inside:

Rics garden:
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FTS( sorry for a quality - I need to wait for another day to take nice pictures)

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