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Featured FREE '24 BC Adam Bomb SPS Growout Contest

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There are still some details to get squared away, but get yourself on the list as a participant ASAP! I'm working diligently on organizing a fun and thorough contest for you all.


This contest is a friendly competition to see whose tank and husbandry techniques can grow corals the fastest and the most colorful.
Bragging rights and prizes will be won!

This contest is FREE to all supporting members! If you are not a supporting member, sign up HERE, then come back to get signed up.

The THREE people with the most measurable growth and most color at the end of the contest will win a prize! Judging details below.
(Specific prizes are still getting organized)

Acropora sp.
Name: Battle Coral Adam Bomb
Colors: Magenta: Varying dark and light hues
Generously donated by @Dan-sf
Picture of the coral (from BC website):

Updated Pic of actual colony

Archive photos of this colony from Dan!
"So as luck would have it I think I actually have the photo of when I first got it (2/2/19), and then a colony shot of it when it was nice and healthy (7/28/21)."


How do I sign up?
  1. Post in this thread, specifically stating that you want to be a participant
  2. Complete the poll at the top of this post!
Contest Timeline
February 18, 2024 - November 3, 2024

This contest starts at the fragging workshop, February 18, 2024. This will be the first day you can take your frag home. If you cannot make it to the event, attempt to coordinate with another member or you can also pickup your frag at High Tide Aquatics.
You will have until March 3, 2024 (Frag Swap) to coordinate the pickup or delivery of your frag from High Tide or another member.

If you do not get your frag before then, you're out of the contest.

Details on the workshop HERE

If you go to pickup your frag at High Tide, I would encourage you to look around and do some shopping. Be sure to give him a big thank you and your appreciation for helping out BAR.

We should have plenty of frags available for everyone, so please don't be scared if you don't think your tank is ready for a SPS.
Give it a try and you just might win!

In the unlikely event we have more people than frags, participants will be selected with a random number generator.

Official Rules
  • 1st photo (WITH measurement device) and general tank info REQUIRED within 48hrs of obtaining your frag.
  • All contestants must include a monthly entry/update post with a clear photo of the contest frag using a standard ruler.
  • Entries must be submitted before the end of the month, each month, beginning with March and ending Nov. 3rd
  • No more than one monthly entry may be missed.
  • Two missed monthly updates will result in disqualification.
  • If you plan to miss an entry, notify me via PM @ReyDeFarts before the last week of the that month to avoid disqualification.
  • Monthly water parameter info encouraged but not required. (E.g. Salinity, Alkalinity, pH, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Phosphate, etc.)
  • Picture quality is always difficult in a reef tank. Reach out to me if you need help. Our goal is to have a good color balance and no excessive saturation in any way. Modifying the image to repair color balance is acceptable. Use of an orange filter is ok.

Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third-place winners. Prizes TBD

Judging Details:

Each judge scores each piece 1-10 for growth and 1-10 for coloration/overall appearance. This way, it’s not just a test of growth, but also a test of overall husbandry. Each contestant gets a cumulative score at the end out of 100.
Top 3 scores win!

Special thanks to @B the Nano Reefer for the judging suggestion and stepping up to be the first judge for the contest.

  1. @B the Nano Reefer
  2. @CaseyP
  3. @Arvin R
  4. @phc567
  5. @ReyDeFarts

Judges and Coordinator(s) reserve the right to make changes to the rules as needed.

More updates to come.
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ok to join if I can't make it to the frag workshop?
GREAT question! I don't have a decisive answer for this as I'm still not certain that will be the start date. I apologize for the lack of details. I'm working on it though. This is precisely what I was attempting to avoid.
fun idea! Thanks for providing the colony @Dan-sf

I’d like to participate but would need to pickup after the frag workshop since I’ll be traveling.

I think @Coral reefer using a clients tank adds to the challenge since he’s not there everyday and then more the merrier…