Gusty’s (anathema) red dragon

Coral reefer

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Lemme know if y’all wanna try again. Or anyone else. Thing is getting big.


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Mine is still alive and slowly growing. Lost some color but I think it's bc of super low nitrates and zero phosphates. Temp is 79.


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I'd try again... just dunno when I am gonna be able to get up there. might just pick up a frag at Neptune. keep trying until I get it right!


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Would love one but also don’t know when I’ll be in SF again soon. I’ll send you a message when I am and if there some available great, if not no worries, hope somebody picks this up, looks very nice

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Well my alk spiked up to 10.2 and this frag did not like it I was having decent growth and I tried to save it but it died. Sucks[emoji25]

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