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Hello, first timer here & Looking for any corals/fish that need a home that your getting rid of

Welcome to the club!! What equipment do you have running on the 40? Lights/filtration etc is it a 40 breeder? Feel free to post a pic regardless if ur going through the ugliness stage lol. Also be careful on what you ask for their are some serious coral pushers on here which are hard to resist = overstocking
Best of luck on your adventure!
Hi Paul,

I have the 40 gallon TALL tank (I wish it was a breeder but got a deal I couldn't pass on with the tank) with a tiny 5 gallon sump that I modified with different chambers.

K7 PRO III for lighting
2x wave makers (1 MagTool Slim Pro 6000, 1 MagTool Slim Pro 8000)
Hygger 800gph Return pump
Fluval E200- 200w heater
No Skimmer
40 lbs of live rock (30 lbs of Fiji rock from another reefer and 10 lbs of Australian live rock that I ordered & picked up when I was in LA 3 months ago.
1 ATO that I haven't setup yet :)

I never went through a ugly stage I think for several reasons, I used really healthy live rock full of life and lots of coralline algae, bought a huge CUC (turbos,blue legged hermits, Nassarius Snails, Astrea Snails), lots of Grape Caulerpa Algae, Lettuce Algae, Chaeto, & Racemosa Caulerpa Alge in the Sump with another bed of sand and 2 large live rocks, and some Racemosa Caulerpa Algae in the tank (Pictured in the front left rocks) that is growing like crazy but I like it lol, and 3" bed of live sand. I currently have 2 Damsels, 2 clowns, 1 Zoa Frag, 1 Duncan Frag, lots of Amphipods & Copepods.

Here are my latest readings from 3 days ago they are very stable so far and have remained at these number for about 2 months now:

Taken using Salifert Reef Tests:
Salinity: 1.026
Temp: 77.5 F
Calcium - 450
Alk- 10.5 KH
PH: 8.0
Magnesium: 1310
Nitrates: 0.25
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0

I do have a question. Do you all with healthy long living tanks that have a good CUC still get algae or so weekly on the glass you have to scrape or is it much further and fewer between? Mine is about once a week now.


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I really like that tank! It looks super old school with the wood framing. Makes sense why you didn't have much of a cycle or anything since it was mostly established rock. You have a pretty minimal coral and fishload, so it makes sense why nothing is changing much over the months. You'll see more consumption once more corals go in there, so definitely don't dose until you see things dropping.

The film algae in my tank goes in waves and I can usually tell when my skimmer needs to be tuned/cleaned when it pops up faster than normal. Or if the tank is getting a lot of indirect light from outside. But it varies about every 3-7 days for me.

Curious about the damesls: what species did you go with and are they captive bred? Also any photos of the Aussie live rock when it came in? Wanted to see what came in with in.
Hey awesome! Someone who enjoys old school looking tanks like me lol. Ya honestly when I first saw it I was like nah to old school for me. Then when the guy said $100 and it's yours and it was BRAND NEW still wrapped I was like UMMM YES PLEASE LOL.

I have 1 Lemon Damsel (More Peach to me), 1 Blue Devil Damsel. To be honest I tried catching them for the longest time because my girls wanted clown fish and I did to tbh, but after a million tried I gave up and read they CAN survive in harmony in smaller tanks, so I took my chances. I saw him pick on the larger clown once during feeding and that was it....no more problems after that. They all live in harmony.
I've attached pics of the live rock, the pics don't do it just imo. There are tons of tiny feather dusters on the rock, sponge, also a snake polyp that is growing beautifully on one of the rocks.


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Here are some closeups of the rock after it was in for a little over a month. I was trying to identify this Stomatella snail.


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Pretty unique shape! It's like a cross between tonga branch and the spiked Indonesian rock. Plus it must be fairly porous if you got that much at 10 lbs.
Pretty unique shape! It's like a cross between tonga branch and the spiked Indonesian rock. Plus it must be fairly porous if you got that much at 10 lbs.
Ya it was a good deal couldn't pass it up and yes fairly porous which surprised me because it was so large but my wallet liked that :)