Cali Kid Corals

Huge thanks


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Just want to post a huge thank you to @Srt4eric, @bee505, and @Coral reefer for all of the help and patience getting this huge, heavy, gorgeous tank moved and up an unreasonable
amount of stairs and into my apartment. You guys are awesome.

I’ll be starting a journal for this beast soon.
It is a really sweet setup! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I still will try to convince you to not put the nems in your tank, unless you to put them on an island like we talked about. But that is the beauty of your tank, you get to do what you want with it.
Yep, I feel like it was a right place, right time situation, for me at least. Super stoked to have lucked into his setup, and to have help from a few folks in to club to get it into my place. Now I just need to not think about moving for a few more years ;)
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It’s 60”x24”x21 tall, so my math says about 125 gallons.
I saw it once or twice when it was running, and it looked great. He had some really nice, big pieces growing.
Nice Rolf, cant wait to see it up and running. Love that footprint too. Wish I had space for that!