Humidity and the sump in a small basement

I have a new home where I would like to plumb the 70-100 gallon sump into a small basement that is only accessibly via an outside door, so airflow is a bit of a concern.

The basement is about 7 ft high, 8ft x 5ft. My primary concern before I put any water down there is to ensure humidity doesn’t cause water damage/mold.

The basement does connect to a crawl space and I can install a vent to the outside with a humidity sensor and a central air duct runs through the basement but no vent currently. Is a small vent connected to central air and a vent fan to the outside enough to prevent any issues? Am I not considering something?

Outside humidity is San Jose haha
There are some moisture sensing switches and moisture sensing bathroom fans.
The switch can be set to run x-amount of time after it detects moisture in the air.
There are also in-line fans that attach to conduit if there’s no room for a bath fan’s box.
As in any salty air environment, you should inspect for corrosion maybe couple times a year.
Humidistat will be your sensor, and you can use a bathroom fan with some ducting if you want to take the easy route out for venting. For an area that small it should be more than sufficient. I'm a fan (no pun) of the panasonic bathroom fans, they tend to be a tad quieter than the standard "cheap" affairs that they typically have at Home Depot.