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I effing love Apex!!!


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So I just left my house after finishing my lunch break. About two blocks away I watch a transformer on a power pole explode and all the traffic lights shut down. Me running late to my next job I start to worry that my power is now out and I don't have time to set up my generator and save all my tanks. I then remember that I have apex. I quickly log on to see if it's still connected. Sure enough I'm drawing 120w 1 amp and 119volts at my eb832. My power is still on and I'm off to my next job.


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And now we have problems...

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Well I turned around and luckily I have a Honda 2500w generator on my truck. My 100 gallon will be ok. Fingers crossed on my frag tank and biocube
I had a power outage lasted a whole night and next morning everything was still fine. I hope is the same for you.


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I have a generator just for this purpose. Still unboxed. LMK if you need more power. I think I should test it.


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For anyone that wants a cost effective way for power backup.

1. install a lockout that doesn’t allow the power from the line to be connected while the generator is in use. This is not optional. It’s illegal to backfeed without a lockout.

2. install a double pole breaker so that you can back feed both sides of the bus bar on the panel.

3. run a wire of the proper gauge to a nema approved socket.

4. attach a Generator and your done !

Lockout - 50.00 ebay
Generator - 700
Electrical receptacle with water proof box 30.00
Whip from generator to receptacle 65.00
Double pole breaker - 10.00

I want to reiterate again DO NOT backfeed a generator into something like your dryer receptacle plug. You put linemen at risk.

I personally like the Honda inverter generators but they aren’t cheap. Second choice is the knock off Honda clone harbor freight sells. The predator 3500 is awesome and very reliable. You can even plumb it to run on natural gas.