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Is there a clamp in the works for the 350 series lights?


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I think I have decided to go with a new Kessil A350 after checking them out at All About Fish, and asking Tatao a few questions. The only concern I have left now is that they have not come out with a clamp to attach it to the back of the tank like they have with the 150 series lights (the gooseneck clamp).

Any ideas when or if these might be coming out?

Or does anyone have any good ideas for a homemade clamp?

Thanks for the info. I wonder if the the new clamps will be sturdier or the 350 or just the same clamp with a different attachment. Guess we'll see.

I find the 150 gooseneck to be plenty sturdy, potentially sturdy enough for the 350. Doesn't solve the torque issue. of course, I am also paranoid about torquing glass :-D