jhuynh's IM 200gal

a little diff

1 Odontanthias borbonius
2 blue hippo tang
3 Gemmatum tang
4 biota yellow tang / Hawaii yellow tang
5 Zebrasoma xanthurum purple tang
6 foxface rabbitfish
7 kole yellow eye tang
8 Acanthurus achilles tang

tang gang and friends:

let's play a game. name all the fish in the tank 1- 8 for a frag of an og tyree pink lemonade. I will not just take tang or foxface as an answer, needs to be more specific. @Arvin R and @Srt4eric are banned from this game.

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Hope this is specific enough.
1. Expensive Anthias
2. Dory
3. Sparkly tang
4. Used to be $20 now $250 tang
5. Lakers colored tang
6. Algae eating machine
7. Glass cleaner tang
8. Ich magnet tang