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Featured June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

RSVP required- Will you be attending?

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looks like i am working that weekend. maybe i can try to get someone to cover for me.
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Corals should be healthy and relatively pest free, while you should assume everything has pests if your frag plug has aiptasia on it it will not be accepted, nor corals that look to be dying.

Aaron C

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I am very interested in going to see this, unfortunately I don't have anything super exciting to bring. I do have some blue star Polyps that are doing great, but not much else as I am pretty new to this amazing hobby.

Is it possible to just come and see what is available, and maybe next time I can be more prepared?


Aaron C

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I plan on putting all my frags in the free section. So, you can grab three of them and jump in the swap. I can set three aside for you ahead of time.
Oh my, that is great! I am super excited, I really appreciate that.
This group is amazing!

Thank you svreef!