Reef nutrition

Kessil @ BAYMAC

Hello Everyone!

We are very excited about not only exhibiting at BAYMAC, but also being givin the privallage of sponsoring this great event.

As you may already know, our lights will be displayed over the BAR frag tank as well as in our booth. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Enjoy the show!

On behalf of BAYMAC I can say we are honored to have Kessil as a main sponsor.
Yup, can't wait to see these babies both over the BAR frag tank, with a variety of corals to see colors. But also the booth of Kessil as I'm sure they'll show other products they have.
They look nice Mike. My understanding is we are going to switch out a couple of the different varieties during the show in our tank so you can get an idea of wha might work best for you. I only hope Ian and my construction skills for the light rack does them enough justice.
David...if you need anything for your booth's display tank, please let me know and I can bring it with me to the event.