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Lopedota Family Red Sea Reefer S G2+1000

So I’m liking the new height. Vinyl countertop on 8” cinderblocks. I plan on adding a shop sink and upper cabinet to the right side. Yes I will need to plumb in the hot, cold and septic. I also plan to add 2x2gang dedicated 20A circuits and a bathroom exhaust fan.
5'6" here. Be prepared to get your armpits wet when working inside the 26" deep tank :p
Can they can plumb in a drain and water supply to the room? A dedicated utility sink would be my dream to have so the wife doesn't complain about me washing stuff in the kitchen sink.
I totally understand about the fish stuff in the kitchen and getting the pits wet. This tank in our apartment is in the middle of everything set up as a peninsula 34” cube.


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so after a little time we have epoxied the concrete floor, anti bacterial semigloss paint shop sink and cabinet. The blue tape is outlining the space for a 24.48” frag tank that we will hopefully acquiring in the near future. The blue rectangle represents the size of the 2 adaptive reef control boards that will be arriving next week. I will be moving the board location to the right next to the cabinets. Thinking of incorporating a small removable work surface above the sump between the frag tank and the sink. Would appreciate any mixing station ideas we still have a good amount of space.

Happy Reefing
Nick & Mel


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Put some work into the stand today took about 3 hours. Hopefully this Thursday I will have some extra hands to help get the tank up on top


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