Mangroves ... has ANYONE been able to keep one alive?

Discussion in 'The Eutrophic Zone' started by Vincerama2, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Vincerama2

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    So over the years I've tried many times to grow mangroves in my sump. At first it was because I THOUGHT maybe they did something to clean the water. I'm pretty sure they DO NOT ... at least not at a rate that is useful. However, now due to many failures, I've decided to try and grow one (or two) UNRELATED to my aquarium except that maybe I'll use water-change-waste-water to fill a mangrove pot.

    Has anyone actually grown a mangrove in their tank OR in a pot?

    I have the propogules grow and have a few leaves ... then die.

    Maybe it's because I don't religiously spray their leaves off (to get the exuded salt off) or I don't give them magnesium or something.

    Anyway, at this point, I just want to grow one because I pride myself with having a fairly green thumb and mangroves have been thwarting me for like 20 years! LOL (Well, OK, not quite 20 years)

  2. I have thought about this as well, Vince! It's certainly a challenge. Yes it does not outcompete Chaeto or Caulerpa or turf algae, which is why you have experience limited success growing in sump. That outside pot idea with the change water is a fantastic idea and I've thought of it as well. I hope you have great success with it and make sure you document your progress...Maybe even a "tank journal" would certainly be a cool addition to the forum. Good luck!
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  4. ashburn2k

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    Now I’m tempted....

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  5. Flagg37

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    Now that your tank has been upgraded to being not so frugal, you can start a new frugal one.
  6. ashburn2k

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    Oy... not gonna happen. Wife is making me get rid of all the tanks, and I have my first ugly starter 55g that no one wants even for free.

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  7. ashburn2k

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    So more likely growing in sump

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  8. Coral reefer

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    ALL of them? Or just the extra ones?
  9. ashburn2k

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    Those that are not holding water

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  10. rygh

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    I read a fun trick was to create a sprinkler system with RODI top off water.
    Automatically sprays down the leaves every day.
    Never seen it though, and I can think of some problems....

    Me: A fish tank is one thing, but trees? Nah, best to keep outside.

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