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Mushroom leather, removal and propagation


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Hello Fellow reefers,
I have this really pretty mushroom leather 8”+ when open but it has outgrown it space and much-needed real estate. My question is do I just reach down and cut it with some snips. Should I use a razor and slice it? What will happen with the stock that’s left in there. Do I need to worry about scraping it out Removing the rock is not an option as it’s part of the main rock work and actually moved off of the small rocket came in on. The tank is about 33 inches deep and the top of it is it sits about 6 1/2 feet, so I’ll be on a ladder diving in . My next question is. How should I propagate this into more pieces? I have a lagoon/frag tank with LPS/softy stuff in it but I’ve never had at a leather coral before here’s a photo of the mushroom from the back side this morning about an hour before the lights turn on. 11 AM. I would most likely be doing this work then as once everything wakes up it’s really hard to get to it thank you guys for chiming in. Let me know if you’re interested in a piece of the leather coral I’m happy to share it.

Nick and Melissa
You should be able to peel it off the rock slowly. You can frag the crown area by cutting out wedges or one big outer ring and tie down the pieces with fishing line onto discs, that's how I've gotten mine to attach in the past.
Just reach in using scissors to trim the toadstool cut off at least 1inch wide slices or more. When you lightly rubber band them to a piece of rubble the more surface area helps them attach stronger. Usually only takes a week or so then cut the rubber band or line. Tooth pic method works also normally I’ll just stick it though the soft coral and into a small hole in the rubble using superglue if needed then slide out the tooth pic in a week.
Just reach in
Grab and twist at bottom to peel off rock
Then with clean razor blade, you can easily cut pieces
I use zip ties to hold to rubble
Rubber bands work too