Our mission

My 40G breeder tank

I guess I should start a tank thread now to keep track..
Tank - 40G Breeder tank
Stand - 36" tall so I don't have to bend down too much to work on the tank and tall enough to keep the kids out of the tank :eek: .. No canopy
Light - 150W HQI PFO pendant and PFO E ballast and 2xT5s - I will try to made a fixture for all of these (wish me luck LOL)
Flow - 1xTunze 6025, 2xK1s and MJ900 or 1200 (return pump)
Heater - 50W or 100W Jaber (whatever I have right now)

The tank will be for macroalgae, zoa, softy couple pieces of LPS and SPS. Not a lot of rock will be used. I want to have an open space for the macroalgae. There will be sand. I can't stand the BB tank. I don't think I will use a skimmer.

Anyway, some pics of the filter area that I make. I make this area to hold the heater, probes and carbon bag. Hopefully it's not raining this weekend so I can work on the stand.

The 1/2" PVC pipe is for the return. Drill a hole for it was a PIA because I don't have the right size bit.

Water will come in here. Didn't cut the teeth because I like to have a better surface skim.

Output pipe is painted being dried outside..
Well my friend doesn't answer his phone or his door. I guess he's too busy making baby ;D .. I can't keep cutting the wood using the router so I can't do anything about the stand. I paint the tank instead.

Thanks to my painting skill. Took a whole can just to paint the back of the tank ::) ..
Hey Phong,
That is looking nice.
Are you going to install a bulkhead or going with the 1/2" pvc pipe. How do you secure it ?
Thanks Joyce.. No need to secure it.. The elbow in there pretty tight. Just like the return pipe on the nano tank. It's not glue in or anything.
Thanks guys... Does it look strong enough? I jumped on it and kick it around and it's still ok but I'm only 140 lbs LOL .
I bend them myself. Pretty easy with the bender. $2.50 for 10' x 2 ... $35 for the bender :p ... I'm going to return it though ;) ..
I used minwax polycrylic. Not as good as yours.. Next time I will use the stuff that you used. I put on 4 layers and it's still not as shinny as yours. Have you ever tried the epoxy sealer stuff??
Wow, nice professional look you got there, way better than any of the stands I've made, but I make mine out of two-by material with plywood only as a skin, can support a bus type construction :D I do need to work a little more on my finish carpentry skills though :D