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    Well, I feel like a fool for not posting this earlier, but if anyone is interested in watching a live stream of deep ocean ROV exploration, you should check out from time to time 24/7. Off and on since the summer I have been losing sleep watching the expedition working its way down the west coast. The past few days I have been blown away by streaming deep sea hydrothermal vent footage, such as:
    (edited video with sound, not the live narration)
    I watched the ROV arm grab a sample of tube worms and there were shrimp, crabs, and little fish among the tubes!
    There are lots of their expedition videos on YouTube and there is usually a window showing the last four hours of their dive embedded on their website. While they are live, you can send in questions and have them answered by the team. The E/V Nautilus is the research vessel of Robert Ballard, who located Titanic and deep sea vents. Earlier this month they explored Cordell Bank right off of here - there are deepwater gorgonian-type corals there. I have watched only a bit of it and am waiting for time to check it out.
    Every time I click over to see what's going on I'm amazed, day or night!
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  2. Nice ! Looks like @jestersix was aquascaping underwater there again!
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    That’s so cool Maureen.

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