Nero 3 longevity and powerhead recommendation


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Well, my 18months old Nero 3 just bite the dust. The controller blinking red indicating something stuck but regardless of how I clean the pump , it’s still not working. Google around and apparently it’s not uncommon. Warranty is 12 months so im out of luck.

Anyhow , what’s a typical lifespan of a flow pump running 24/7? I like the small profile of the Nero pump but 18months is too short.

I’m using my spare sicce powerhead for now.

Any recommendations for a small powerhead , ideally pushing 800+gph?

Mp10 seems to be another popular choice. Can I expect it to last 2-3 years?
I just stuck a maxijet 1200 in my new tank while the sand settles and I'm surprised how much more powerful it seems than the prop style ones I've been using for so long.

The flow is in a jet rather than diffuse but idk, the way they measure the gph for prop pumps seems different. I can see the 295 gph maxi jet reach 4' away, around the side and back the other side. A 300gph prop pump would do nothing.

Not saying I'm gonna go out and replace my wave pumps but these old school style heads are beasts if you need to blast a certain area.
The good thing is that everything is on crazy black friday sales right now. But MP10s are still about $300 plus tax. I replace my wet sides approx every 3-5 years when they get too noisy. Haven't had to replace a dry side or controller ever (oldest one is from 2010). They are sensitive to drops on the floor etc. Like @H2OPlayar said, The old sphere shaped Tunze Nanostreams are super cheap and fairly reliable. They're not DC but weren't super loud when I used them. Downside is that they stick out a bit and have a cable in the tank.
Send in a support request, they still may honor warranty since it's a known problem. They replaced mine that was 14 months old.

They send me a replacement pump head! did you get a full complete unit or just the pump like the picture? Any guidance how to connect the new pump to the old controller?


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I got a whole set new in the retail box, controller and all. They said my issue was with the controller after sending them a video of the problem so maybe that's why. I guess they expect you to open up your controller to connect the new pump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯