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New in bag CaribSea Arag-Alive (3 bags 60lbs), 100lbs of fiji pink (lightly used)


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I have 3 unopened bags Bahama Oolite for anyone that needs it. It's a pretty fine grade so keep that in mind. Also, I have around 100lbs of CaribSea Fiji Pink that I pulled out of my system. It's a much nicer grade...not too big not too small. It's currently sitting in two 5 gallon buckets. I think I had it in the system for around 3.5 months so it's not all dookie brown in color. It still emits a bit of a white cloud so a quick rinse is recommended. All I ask is that you bring an "aquarium use" bucket with a lid to do the swap if you want the entire bucket.


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I picked up the Fiji pink, but it turns out I already had enough sand to get my new build going, so did not end up using it.
If anyone is interested in the 2 buckets of it, you're welcome to it. At this point I'd give it a quick rinse in saltwater water before using it, but it does look very clean.