nimrod's Red Sea Max S-400


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Hi everyone, fairly new to BAR (moved to the Bay in 2020) and I thought I'd start my tank journal. I've kept multiple freshwater and nano reef tanks since 2008 and always wanted a bigger tank. Last year, I setup a 30 gallon which I intended as just a starter and after 9 mos I've moved the contents to a used Red Sea Max S-400 which is the biggest one I've owned to date.

  • Red Sea Max S-400
  • 3x AI Hydra 26 HD
  • Nyos 120
  • Cor 20 return pump
  • ATK with an RODI connected to below kitchen sink (I hate filling ATO reservoirs)
  • Apex controller
  • Pax Bellum N18 ARID
  • Pair of Black Snowflake clowns
  • Flame Hawkfish
  • Trio of Lyretail Anthias (planned)
  • Wrasse (planned)
  • Tomini Tang (planned)
  • Multiple frags gorgonian, micro goni, acros, chalice, etc.
Upcoming for this tank is I want to try the full Triton method. I went with Reef Factory with their KH Keeper Plus and 3x Dosing pumps for Triton. Will be sending tests I hope every 2 months or so.

Some pics or it didn't happen:



Sorry not the best shots of the tank, but I'll do more closeup shots later on :)
Setup the dosers this past weekend. Went with Reef Factory x4 dosers. The form factor is great, small enough for my limited cabinet space.

Their Smart Reef app definitely has that ‘european’ feel with the UI which has grown on me after using some GHL products in the past.

Dosing full Triton now, planning to send my first ICP test in a couple of weeks.

Next is I want to squeeze in a Clarisea SK3000 in there. I think it will fit haha.