Ofzakaria needle in the haystack acro


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I prepared 2 frags of my needle in the haystack. This coral growth is moderate in my system. Its beautiful purple with green tips..picture is awful and not doing it justice.

Will give it couple days to heal then will have them available.

following the standard program rules so:

- must be supporting member

- grow out the coral you receive, frag it when larger enough, and distribute AT LEAST 2 frags as large or larger than what you got to other members before you trade it or swap it.

- Must have a tank journal to show your system can sustain sps.

- pls provide updates every so often, including pics

- do not sell it until you pass at least 2 drags to other BAR reefers.

For now this is the mother colony pic. Will update the frag pics later.

Purple red with neon green tips.
in the right condition moderate grower.
Like high flow mid to high light,
I have it on the top section of the tank.
Grew under LED T5 combo.
My system is ULN but I think it will adapt to any system that can grow sps...

My system parameters:
Salinity 35ppt
Alk 7
Ca 490
K+ 400
No3 0.5
Po4 0.05

If you want a frag, feel free to email me on


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One frag available still,
if no one claim this in a week time, I will pass it on and close the DBTC.


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@ofzakaria sorry... looks like I am failing on this one. woke up to a RTN situation...

Real bummer since it's been doing well for almost 3 months now. Only thing I can think of that might be the cause is that I've had an alk swing over last few days after I installed a hard tube to draw from bottom of my alk liquid, which I now suspect is more concentrated than drawing from the middle section. My alk jumped to 12+ dkh at one point before I realized it, and forcing my pH way up.

My nutrients is higher as well as I've been running with my skimmer off for the past 2 weeks... but don't think that would be the cause. :/


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in the mean time, I aggressively cut back to see if I can save a sliver of viable tissue... tbd, but prognosis is probably mucho no bueno...


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I will prepare 1 frag of this beautiful coral this weekend. Its bit more on the sensitive side but hardier than red dragon, and more colorful.
Pls place your name if you want one.