Ofzakaria wild soli


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So I have this wild soli for years. It got really big over the years. It has different shades of purple, blue, yellow and green on its massive growth.
It's hard to get a picture that shows how it look live but its gorgeous. I never fragged it before cause I feel its unique. But ended up cutting a nice chunk of it for bob.
Adding the thread for traceability
I might prepare more cuts if there is demand so let me know if you want.
If you want a frag, feel free to email me on


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You gave me a piece once that had a small hole that ypu mentioned had been damaged by another piece in your tank...

Will post a pic when I have a moment. Hah
Oh I do not remember.. but i do not think so cause I do not see you on the record here. O would habe recorded on the thread if it was the case..