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Opportunity of a lifetime...

Hello everyone,

I may have overstated the subject a bit but just shows how much we enjoy our work here at Kessil. Kessil's aquarium line started here in the bay area and within 1 year it began to spread worldwide. Well with that growth comes the opportunity of a career in our industry and as a way to say thank you for your support I was given the Ok to present this here on the BAR forums first. I'll try to keep this short so please read below and send all resumes to hr@diconfiberoptics.com with subject line including S-Kessil.

You are not required to be a BAR member so feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family.

Position: Sales (Full Time)
Compensation: Beginning at $15/h (Could be more based on Experience/Qualifications)

Preferred experience/skills-
Inside/outside sales, experience in the aquarium industry/hobby, experience with Microsoft Office,
Communication, Relationship management, Organization, Problem solving

Some business travel may be required

Video editing and/or marketing experience would be a plus, though they may not be part of your responsibilities.

Best Regards,

Kessil Lighting
A DiCon Brand
1689 Regatta Blvd., Richmond CA 94804, USA