Order of things


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Can you start a new tank in this order:

Rock (dry)
Sand (dry)
RODI water
Salt directly in tank


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If you added salt really slowly, maybe. Into sump. Into net maybe.
But there is crud in salt mix, and it can precipitate, so usually much better to mix in a separate barrel.

Coral reefer

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You can do it that way, but I would mix outside the display if at all possible. 44 gal Brute garbage cans are pretty cheap and affordable. You’ll want something at least that big for future water hanged anyway.


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2nd on what Mike said. Get a brute trash can and a good power head that will mix the salt for you. Much easier that way


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I could probably be persuaded to come fill it for you if need be
There’s a lot to unpack in that offer, but I mostly see kindness. I’m still a ways away. The tank is in the yard, the parts haven’t arrived and there’s furniture to be moved. But...I’m crafting a detailed plan

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