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Peppermint shrimp eating corals


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Hey guys I’m seeking for some advice in regards to peppermint shrimp and corals. I currently have two in the tank and I've noticed they've been eating my frags up. Im not sure if getting rid of them is a good idea or are my frags just dying so they tend to feed on them? Is that normal? My frags just got put in the tank 2 days ago. Any advice?
Are you sure it's a peppermint shrimp and not a camel shrimp? Those will for sure eat coral from my experience.
I believe they are i got them from Aquatic collection in Hayward, I specifically asked for peppermints and if im not mistaken the camel has the little hump on his back right? I recently gave in my camel shrimp to Neptunes Aquatic when I bought these frags.