Plan to increase PAR on the SPS tank …


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New 75G is 3 months old now, have three radion xr30s mounted perpendicular to tank at 46 % (mostly blue with tiny bit of white) and want to raise par to help with growth and pigment development. I also just introduced some new frags so perfect timing to increase par. I measure par using seneye sensor. Question how quickly should I raise par and for those light loving corals in the middle what should target be (500 near surface)?


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Mike Yasin

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I would go slow considering you have a couple of LPS high up (that I can see) which may not like that much light. I raised lights around 3% per week. I have 3 G4 XR30s parallel over a 4' tank btw. I run mine with diffusers and now at 79% peak. I get right about 600 PAR from 24" from lights.


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same. go slow and slowly raise it. if u want to be like me, I run 100% intensity and blast that sps once it gets dropped in the tank