PSA: PG&E warns of potential planned outage Wednesday (10/23)


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If that last one didn’t teach you to get ready for power outages, maybe this one will! Not as many customers affected (potential of 209,000 this time), but no less telling what is to come in the future for us PG&E customers. We might need a dedicated forum to announce these outages! ;)



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List is quietly growing. I just got an email and text from PG&E my area is on the list (Castro Valley) and I’m on the hook potentially between Sat and Mon.

Alameda county sheriffs also tweeted about it.



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Sorry to hear that @RandyC . I got a text that sounded like it was my area also, but the PSPS website says no when I type in my address. We'll see. Glad you were prepared with the generator and such last time around.


Get a smaller generator if you don't all ready have one, a 2000 watt suitcase style one can quietly run most reef tanks and your fridge for 6-10 hours on a gallon of gas. We put too much time & $$ into this hobby to see PGE flush your reef down the toilet. I picked up a used one on CL for a couple hundred.


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Lots of brand new hondas on Craigslist, all for the same price too (for the same model) makes me wonder if it's one guy who got a good deal on a pallet of them or something. They're cheaper than what you can pay for but not by that much.