Red Sea Reefer Series and Crystal Dynamic Aquarium

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    Hey All,

    It's been a while since I posted here. With the new shop hitting a one year mark, it's been crazy hectic. I'll try to post more often soon enough but for now I just want to let everyone know that we now carry Crystal Dynamic Aquarium tanks as well as the new Red Sea Reefer systems.

    Crystal Dynamic, if you don't know, is a new company formed from post Leemar shut down. CDA pretty much acquired the entire key builders from Leemar so you can expect practically the same, if not better quality. If you're ever in the market for custom tank quote from them, you can put in your request through the shop's website and you should get an answer within few days. We now also offer custom cabinet build in-house at the shop. You can submit custom request through the site as well:






    Finally...we also just got in our 2nd shipment of the new Red Sea Reefer Systems. This is an extremely high demand product right now and the average lead time is almost 8 weeks in between shipment from Red Sea. So, if you're in the market for one at the moment, this is the week to get one. Here's what available as of today (shipment came in today, we sold 5 sets alone today):


    450 Black - ALL SOLD OUT
    350 Black - 1 SOLD, 2 Available
    350 white - 1 Available
    250 black - 1 SOLD, 2 Available
    250 White - 1 SOLD, 1 Available
    170 black - 1 SOLD, 2 Available
    Nano black - 1 Available

    BTW...we just got in a crap load of coral for the past two weeks alone....about 40 boxes worth of just corals.

    If you haven't drop by in a while, you'll be very pleasantly surprised!

    See everyone soon.

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