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Long story short, I moved and have been tossing the idea around to go 5ft, 6ft or 7ft. I opted for a 5ft shallow tank (for now lol).

Here are some before and after pics of the work so far. Not a lot done because there’s been a mixture of being busy, being lazy, just not being home..

The theme and main feature of this build is that I’ll be installing a hardwood bar to enjoy coffee in the AM and beers and/or cocktails in the PM at the tank.

A huge plus of the tank placement is that I get natural light=natural shimmer right into the tank 10-13 hours of the day.

I’ve had a 25 gallon setup there for a couple months now with no algae outbreaks, so that shouldn’t be a problem. If for whatever reason it gets an algae bloom, I can just close the shades lol.

Another plus is that the other side of that wall is my garage for an auto water change station using DOS, a 22 gal Kalk bin that will be directed using another DOS, dedicated mini fridge for live foods that will be dosed through my GHL 2.1 SA, bulky items like my JBJ 1/4hp chiller and my pentair UV (which is massive) as well as my reactors, co2 scrubber and air line and all electrical.. literally everything except the sump, skimmer and main return pump which will of course be under the tank and I can keep it simple and clean down there.

Main things I’m wanting to get done sooner than later is to wrap the stand, finish the bar and get it installed, complete all the plumbing and start drilling some holes in the walls so we can get her wet!

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