Ron's Redsea RS850 G2 - 180G


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with the tank safely delivered inside the garage, time to start the build journal!

System Specs:
  • Display: 180 gallons
  • Sump: 45 gallons
  • Dimensions: 71"L x 25.6"H x 26.75"W
  • Tank Theme: Mostly SPS with LPS/Soft (planning to have bare bottom)
Equipment and Filtration Specs:
  • Main Return Pump: Reef Octopus VarioS-8 DC Water Pump
  • UV Sterilizer: TBD
  • UV Pump: TBD
  • ATO: Neptune ATK V2 top off | 30 gallon reservoir
  • Controller: Neptune A3 Apex Pro, 1x EB832 energy bar, Temperature, Salinity (TBD), pH, ORP 24/7 monitoring
  • Skimmer: Reef Octopus Elite 200SSS
  • Wavemakers: 2xVortech MP-40 (Left/Right rear wall), 1x MP-60mQD (side),
  • Heating: IM Helio PTC 2x500W (Primary), 300W Jager (backup)
  • Lighting: 2xNeptune Sky, 1xKessil A500X
  • Chemical filtration: TBD
  • Mechanical Filtration: Redsea Reefmat 1200
  • Salt: Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
  • Dosing Pump: TBD
  • Additives: TBD
  • Water: 5 stage Premium Plus 150 GPD saver with Booster pump
Tank Inhabitants:
  • clown fish / blue tang / Pajama Cardinal from the 20G
  • more tangs =)
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yap. can't wait to fill up with water, but still got to build the stand, and make arrangement to move the tank from the garage to the living room.

also will need to be working on the aqua scape over the weekend =)


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I am curious why you are looking at one kessil 500x spotlight versus multiple smaller ones for the shimmer effect? I like the sky plan for coverage and like the kessil look of shimmer. My thought would be to take the money in the ax500 and split it into 2-3 smaller kessils to give you coverage and shimmer with both styles of light. One idea is to bookend the sky's with ap700's on either side, or one ap700 in the middle to spread the shimmer with the sky's bookending for the even light. Lots of good ways to do it here, just curious of your thoughts.


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since I have the A500x from the 20G AIO, so I just decided to keep using it for the big tank with the Neptune sky, probably overkilled for the smaller 20G anyway. so for the 180G, I will keep the A500X sandwich in between the 2 Neptune sky. not sure how well that will work, but will definitely post pic when the lights are mounted.


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took 6 people to move the tank from the garage to the living room, and it's safely sitting on the stand now =).


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Did what I can to make the wire routing more organize. Still got some work to do.

so far, only few green chromic are in the tank, and the ammonia is still quite high.

The right extension sump will be used as a frag area, for the extra frags that hopefully will be in the DBTC.

Task to be done
-replace the filter socks to Reefmat 1200 (already in the garage)
-wait for Black Friday deal on Apex Trident
-dosing pumps


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