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I’ve been around reef tanks my whole life. My dad began the hobby in the 80s/90s. Went through different sizes of tanks. I was into the tanks but didn’t really get hooked until sadly my dad got cancer in 2017. That’s when I took over maintenance of the tanks for him. He lost his battle in July of 2019. We have two tanks. One is a 90 gallon in the dining room and the other is a 50 gallon in the garage. I will add details of the tanks and everything that has happened between 2017 and now.

This is the 90 gallon which has been in a reboot stage for less then a year.

This is the 50 gallon
Still need to do a list of equipment and live stock but added these two beauties to the 90gal. Forest fire Digi and Green Torch from @A Aaron .Hopefully the digi won’t mind high Nitrates. 2 months ago I reinstalled the biopellet reactor because the Nitrates got above 40. Now there 30 or lower. Phosphates have been good between .05-.12.

It’s amazing how fast corals can grow. Here is some pictures showing the growth of a forest fire digi and a tort I got from @A Aaron. The forest fire digi is Sept. 7th, Nov. 13th and Dec. 10th. The tort i just got on Nov. 29th but still I’m able to see growth. First picture for tort is Dec. 1st and the other is today Dec. 10. These corals are only getting 140-170 PAR.


Well it happened I have aiptasia. While looking at the tank at night with a flashlight I found around 7. I was only able to re-find one during the day. Here is a picture of it. All of them seem to be in dark/shaded areas of the rocks their rocks.
Some update photos of the corals I got from @ofzakaria in the beginning of December. The Red planet had a fast growth spurt between Dec. 21st and today Jan.3rd. The only coral that hasn’t grown is the Green Indo Acro.

December 21

January 3rd

December 14th

January 3rd

December 14th

January 3rd
Some update photos of the corals I got from @ofzakaria in the beginning of December. The Red planet had a fast growth spurt between Dec. 21st and today Jan.3rd. The only coral that hasn’t grown is the Green Indo Acro.
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December 21
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January 3rd
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December 14th
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January 3rd
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December 14th
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January 3rd
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Great job!
I always love watching my clown fish swim within the Frogspawns. I still need to head down to Neptune to get it another mate. The female died last year of old age. It was around I think 15 years old.

That’s amazing. So silly to watch it pop out.

So will you try to get a smaller clown and then your existing one would transition?
Yeah I’ll be getting one that is smaller then the current one.

This will also give me a chance of getting some other fish. The 90 gallon has a total of 4 fish. I have a Blue and Yellow tang that I think are around 20yrs and a Blue/Green Chromis that is the single survivor of 7. I know I what to get a Midas but don’t know what else would be appropriate for the tank.
I’m really wanting to get a BTA/RBTA. I figure the garage tank would best. The two clowns in the tank need something to host. Unlike the the clown/clowns in the 90 gallon these aren’t hosting any of the Frogspawns. The GSP on the right side will be removed. Hopefully since the base rock there has a nice deep cavity the BTA/RBTA will anchor its foot there but if it doesn’t like the light/flow there it will wander.

Now I just need to find someone that has a spawned BTA/RBTA.

I have an rbta you can have. It’s in a tank I’m planning to take down and has been hanging out on the back glass for several days.
That would be great. Don’t know when I would be down your way. I was going to have @max_nano help shuttle the frags I’m getting from @ofzakaria but it might be best if I do that myself since I would be getting the RBTA from you.