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Rostato’s Spicy lemon favia

Coral reefer

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Bought this from Chris @Rostato little over a year ago, grows pretty well in 150-200 par.
Will add a photo later
Warning: this has some decently long and stingy sweeping/feeding tentacles.

Standard dbtc rules, meaning put 2 equal or larger frags back into the chain than what you received.

Update every 6 months or so, pics are a plus.

Would prefer this is only given out through the dbtc program, or for free to supporting members, or entered into BAR frag swaps.

Trying to avoid people taking frags with the intention of selling them in the future.

Please have a tank journal.
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Never knew it threw out very long feelers but when I saw your post decided to check it out. Lights went out about 10 minutes ago and feelers out :). I think we got our pieces around the same time. Nice piece.

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Somewhere it won’t sting other corals mainly. It’s used to 150-200 par where it was. Could likely handle a bit more light but not needed imo.