Ryan's 70G Tank Journal


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I was told that this is a 60 gallon tank but, the math comes out closer to about 70 gallons.

Big thanks to @SFCorals for getting me started with his old 47G bowfront, @Cheedo thank you for the two clowns they absolutely love their new life and @BleepBloopMunchMunch I can not thank you enough, from getting me into the game to dealing with all my ridiculous questions you’ve been monumental to my success for both salt and freshwater tanks.

Dimensions: 30x30x18
400 watt metal halide with two actinic t5 bulbs
Auto top off
Jebao return pump
Filter sock

Banggai cardinal fish
Royal Gramma
Two Clowns
Two gobies
Helfrich firefish
Melanurus wrasse
Cleaner shrimp
Blood red fire shrimp


Full tank shot, I fixed the two posts on the side myself to easily interchange the height of the light (easy adjustment with the current light setup).


Thanks for checking this page out!! More to come!
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Bare bottom tank with a little sand bed in a corner for the Melanurus. Repurposed tank, only been in operation for a couple weeks.
Perimeters as of this morning:
Ammonia .25 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate 5ppm


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Thanks for that advice. Seeing as that's the case would you suggest throwing in a couple more beds? Right now I've got about a 5 x 2 x 2 in sand bed in there its really just a tupperware container atm and the malanurus is about 2 and a half inches long, should be fully mature.


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Seeing as that's the case would you suggest throwing in a couple more beds?

I am unsure? I am sure someone here will have some better input. I have never kept a remote sand bed like this but many people do.

I really liked keeping a sleeper goby. Mine was very active and a good citizen in the tank.


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I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. So far everyones very good citizens and in a harmonious tank, maybe a slight concern for the wrasse as I start adding in more coral and fish, but time will tell on that one. so I've got a Randalls prawn goby in there but have not seen him, wondering if he's unhappy in a bare bottom tank or if maybe I'm reading too much into it right away and the behavior might change over time. open to anyones thoughts on this.


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Tank is now fully cycled, 10% weekly water changes began today approx 5-10 G's. In about a 5 day span the tank has been overrun by this brown Algae (I am assuming) the Desjardini Sailfin Tang loves the stuff but, aesthetically speaking I am not too stoked about it. Randal's goby makes an appearance every day just before feeding, still quite shy though. Below is a picture of the current algae bloom stage:

Thank you to @max_nano and @Jonathan Chia for the frags. Excited to watch them grow and update the journal with progress pictures!




List in order from the top to bottom: Green Nepthea, GSP, Toadstool, Zoanthids.

Lastly, I'd like to thank @tankguy for the Desjardini Sailfin Tang. He's been an absolute dream to have in the tank and will now more than likely keep him in the family so when he gets too big for this tank it'll be time to upgrade :)


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KH .3.2
CA 420ppm
MG 1040ppm

Issue with Mg likely related to tank's lower salinity. General rule: .0001 a day. Will adjust accordingly.


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@Srt4eric you know I think the only thing that's where I want it to be right now is CA. Hoping that its all connected and just a salinity issue, I'll know more by tonight. Currently the coral and fish are all acting normal and MAYBE its just an issue of my refractometer needing to be recalibrated properly so im getting some fluid from a buddy tonight and will adjust accordingly.
3.2 alk? are you sure about that? nsw is 7 dkh. I would get a second opinion with that alk. also, mag needs to be higher. if you are around san leandro, ill test all the big 3's for you along with no3 and po4.