Taiwan #1


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Returned from living in Taiwan for the last 10 years. Plan is to have a mixed reef clown harem, bunch of small inverts with some higher end bta, maybe a meat coral, but we all know how plans turn out. thinking of turning the reefer ato into a fuge. anyone have suggestions on easy way to raise the walls on 3 sides then adding a weir/grid to the 4th for water to run down? figure this is easier than drilling a hole and using a bulkhead.

hoping to be a more active member of this fine group of miscreants and continue the tradition of PIF, DBTC, etc....

wipe glass when dirty, turkey baste. weekly 10 gallon wc, no dosing. will use kalk/vinegar with 2 part once frags grow out/alk drops

gen 1 reefer 170
gen 3 radion
kessil a160 [sump, fuge]
icecap k1-50
jebao dcp-8000
jebao 0w-10, 0w-25 [will switch to mp10, tunze 6095]
tunze 3155
sera siporox pond 3L
stax or flatz dry rock
avast spyglass [if needed]

ikea trone shoe cabinet to hold all the powerstrips, adapters, etc

livestock 9/17/23
mystic monti
cali tort
blue/red digi
orange digi
jf green stag [dbtc]
rr pink Cadillac
grafted monti cap

spicy lemon favia
blue chalice
red and blue chalice

nirvana paly
tubbs blue
utter chaos
pink diamond
red rim, blue zoa
random taiwan zoa
here's a new fts. put in a fancy schmancy rock structure and slowly removing the stax rocks. frags on rack until I commit to a spot on the rock. are there any good guides on coral placement? by shape, color, etc?


closer pic of the corals.
Tank is looking way better now without the stax rock Tony! I'd honestly clip or band saw the frags of the plugs if it's easy (usually can get the super glue to separate) for aesthetic reasons. They might encrust funny if elevated like that.

People have different ways of arranging things based on contrasting colors. I like how Keith gave insight here on color, growth rate, colony structure, etc.