High Tide Aquatics

Talk me out of this aquarium

Great execution!
Maybe available to help move.
I have a sump that you can have
Thanks man. Arnold and I got it done. I slaved Arnold for 10 hours yesterday. Here’s a few pics of most of the stuff.
Frag tank, aluminum stand, ato, sump, plumbing with flow meters, and light rack.
Arnold @Apon really helped me out. Thanks Arnold. The deal was just too good to pass up. I might sell the frag tank and build my own. I’ve done it before but not this large.


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I love the foot print of the aquarium. But as others with experience stated. It’s just too shallow to get the depth that I’m looking for.
Oh, to turn it into a true DT, I see what you meant. Yeah you’d have a solid 400 gallon display there