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Thanks Ashburn2k! Custom anemone / acclimation box


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Shout out to Hui aka @ashburn2k for the custom 3D printed anemone / acclimation box. Dimensions 8.5”x6.5”x5.5”. I showed him a box from Etsy and he designed and printed a better high flow box in less than 24hrs! Magnets are super strong as well even on my 15mm glass. He also printed clips for my ClearView lid that didn’t have big enough support tabs so it kept falling into the tank. DM him for custom designs!



That's quite the color! Have you tried putting any fish in there to see how they acclimate? In fishing, chartreuse is a popular lure color to entice fish to strike. I wonder if it has any effect on reef fish o_O
Not yet. I have Chicago anemones in there currently. However, the fishes currently in my tank pays no attention to the box.
Nice! I recommend putting a piece of rock in the box so the anemone can attach to it and make moving it easier!
I have no idea if anemones like sitting on a "grate" pattern, but I don't know.